June 19, 2024
V shape face slimming clinic

Facial Slimming is a procedure. The customers who come in with worries about having a square or oval face, so a slimmer appearance is desired among our consumers. Inject the masseter muscle to accomplish aesthetically pleasing facial contours and clearly defined jawlines. The development of technology in the medical field has greatly aided the rise of medical treatments such as V-shape face treatment. People can change their faces through V-shape face therapy, which contours and chisels the face shape in V shape face slimming clinic.


The treatment contours down the cheekbones and jawline to give the face a sleek and slimmer appearance by reducing the excess accumulated fat and becomes chubbier. V Shape face shaping is a non-invasive procedure that combines technologies.

Radiofrequency and ultrasound. Ultrasonics targets fat cells, whereas radiofrequency promotes fat loss and skin tightness available in the best V shape face slimming clinic. V Shape is a non-invasive, painless alternative for surgical skin tightening and face shaping procedures. This procedure removes years from your face and is the only non-invasive contouring treatment devoted to your body’s most valuable asset – Your Face.


The advantage of this therapy is that it provides you with a youthful and healthy appearance. The chiselled face, combined with the smaller look, aids in slowing the natural ageing process.

Facial Lifting with Kinetics:

V shape face slimming clinic

You might be shocked to learn that this cutting-edge aesthetic technology is a needleless procedure. To infuse the face with a unique firming rejuvenating fluid containing hyaluronic acid. Immediate tightening is visible following the process. And the therapy can provide the patient with cosmetics such as better-elevated cheekbones and jowls, more open-looking eyes, and smoother, less wrinkled-looking skin.

Face Refresh:

The Skin Reboot is the most recent skin tightening procedure, which employs radio frequency and microcurrent technology to treat drooping, slack, and dry skin. It not only tightens the epidermis, but it also increases blood flow and lymphatic discharge! Tip: If you’ve had Thermage or Ulthera, ask your doctor if you can use this as a “booster therapy,” as it can help extend the effects.

Filament Extraction:

We can fight to sag and give these regions a lift using a mix of various threads and methods. Fibres can get used to combat ageing signs such as grin lines, bowing jawlines, and stubborn double chins. We frequently lose our V Shape facial shape due to sags along the jawbone. Our faces become hollow, gaunt, and somewhat square-ish as we age. A Thread Lift can get used to raise and hold these sagging regions to reestablish the V Shape.