June 19, 2024
used cars in montclair

In the perennial doubt between buying a new car or a used one , for some years a third alternative has become more and more credible : buying a company car.

This is an interesting solution for many, because a company used car offers many of the advantages of a new car and, many times, minimizes the disadvantages of buying a used one from a private individual used cars in montclair .

But it is always used, it should be remembered, and therefore it is important to buy a company car from a reliable seller who offers guarantees.

Company cars: what they are

As the name implies, company cars are cars that belong to a company’s fleet and are then put up for sale. Technically, therefore, these are used cars because they are already registered and have covered a certain number of kilometers. Very often companies buy cars to take advantage of tax advantages and then put them back on sale after a few months or at most a couple of years.

used cars in montclair

Other times it is the dealers who buy them directly, to reach the goal set by the parent company and receive economic bonuses. In both cases the cars are registered and cannot be considered new, also because the warranty period offered by the manufacturer begins from registration onwards.

Below is a list of the advantages of a company car:

if the company car was bought by a company to take advantage of tax advantages, it may be put back on sale shortly after at a particularly attractive price: even> 30% less than the new vehicle;

like any used car, the company car is available immediately and should not be reserved;

moreover, they are almost always fairly recent and modern vehicles because companies tend to buy latest generation cars and because tax advantages cannot always be obtained by buying used cars;

almost always, therefore, the company car had only one owner.

Are the company cars new?

No, company cars are fully-fledged used cars: they have already been registered and have driven miles

Do company cars have a warranty?

Yes: in some cases they have a residual warranty period directly from the manufacturer, otherwise the seller must guarantee one year of warranty.